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Roger Lee Waters

Born in July, 1953, Roger is a graduate of Mississinewa High School in Gas City, Indiana. He is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC, and the USN. He has been all over the world, seen many cultures and lifestyles, and as he says, Israel was the best port visit of all. In 1987, through the USO, Roger was able to stay and live with a Jewish family for three days.

The man of the house was a Jewish Rabbi, who taught him a lot in those three days. Things  that have stuck with him throughout his life. What that Rabbi showed and taught me still reflect upon my Biblical studies to this day, because I was there, and I stood on the ground, and felt the power of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob move.

He has instilled the Jewish culture into his Bible Studies, because the Hebrew way of life is the father of Christianity. Christ was not a Christian, he was a Jew, he just started Christianity through Peter, then Paul.

When the details of this book happened, and I was faced with the most fearsome decision of my life, it is amazing just how much our mind still wants to fight it. For me, without making a choice then meant splitting hell wide open. But God had another idea, and what I have seen and learned is astounding, because if this God is real, then so is His judgment.

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While hiking in the Virginia mountains a man falls 128 feet to a near certain death. After dying on the operating table and being told he would never walk again.........
But it seems God has other plans for him.

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